Tesvolt Launches Commercial Battery With Inverter And Energy Management System

According to the German manufacturer, the TS-I HV 80 can combine a wide variety of applications, such as optimized self-consumption and intelligent limitation of load peaks.

German storage system manufacturer Tesvolt has launched a storage system for commercial applications that integrates an inverter and an energy management system.

The TS-I HV 80 battery, according to the company, is capable of reducing load peaks thanks to the recording of the load profile measurement, optimizing self-consumption and supplying reserve energy.

The device can react to the energy needs of the electrical network in milliseconds and is recommended for recharging electric cars.

The integrated power management system is essentially the brain of the storage system. It captures the energy flows of all consumers and generators and controls them in the most efficient way possible, in real time.

Thomas Scholz, Tesvolt EMS Product Manager.

The manufacturer said the new device should better suit the individual needs of commercial and industrial customers and save more electricity costs. But no concrete figures were provided.

Voltage and frequency are stabilized and load imbalances, reactive power and harmonics in the commercial customer’s electrical network are reduced.

Improving power quality should prolong battery life, so the storage system could quickly become profitable for industrial companies, within five years.

According to the company, the TS-I HV 80 is available from 76 kWh and can be modularly expanded up to several megawatt-hours. The integrated three-phase inverter has a power of 75 kW. In addition, the storage system offers up to 340 kW in a space of just half a square meter and requires little space.

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