Tesla’s New Generation Of Solar Roof Tiles Could Revolutionize The Home Solar Market

First look at Tesla’s new solar roof tile technology with custom accessories via a Tesla report obtained by Electrek.

Tesla is finalizing the third version of its solar roof, which they reported yesterday will significantly reduce the price.

Tesla Solar Roof Tiles are part of Elon Musk’s plan to offer better aesthetic solar products to create a distinctive brand that can be differentiated from other installers based on the product.

When first announcing the product, he said that they were working on these types of solar products:

I think this is really a fundamental part of achieving a differentiated product strategy.

The CEO believes that today’s solar products look the same and that the rooftops are ugly.

The sunroof was Tesla’s solution to this problem. The originally uncovered tiles had a sleek look, but now Tesla is also making sure they fit in with the rest of the roof for a sleek design as a whole.

In a new document sent to some customers and obtained by Electrek, Tesla describes the custom accessories:

Custom-designed flashings and trims fit your home’s unique design and roof pitch, while accentuating the solar shingles and ensuring maximum weather resistance. The end result is a roof that looks better and lasts longer.

Here are some images of the Tesla solar roofs and covers:

Tesla also claims that they are replacing the vents and other things that stick out of the roof to fit the solar tiles.

They wrote in the document:

Vents and skylights are replaced or modified to fit the new aesthetic of your solar roof. Certain vent openings can be replaced entirely with the integrated sunroof vent. Vents that cannot be removed will be replaced or modified to ensure exceptional visual appeal.

The CEO also boasted that the price of the Solar Roof V3 was equivalent to a tiled roof plus the electricity bill.

Stay tuned for more information on Tesla solar roof prices.

Via electrek.co – interestingengineering.com

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