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Download and remove watermarks from TikTok videos in an instant; with the SssTikvideo online tool.

Videos that go straight to the point in an endless playback loop. That is the successful formula of TikTok to serve as the origin of hundreds of viral internet phenomena. Do you want to know how to download them? From the SssTikvideo website you can do it in the blink of an eye.

An amazing tool to download TikToks

TikTok boasts a surprising number of regular active users; More than 1,200 million people!, attracted to dry, by attractive short videos and easy overcrowding.

Being part of the cultural phenomenon that this social network represents, in some way, is tempting. Save some of your videos, too.

Has it ever crossed your mind? Downloading videos is a wonderful suggestion for personal use of your videos, and those of others. The imagination is the limit.

Converting and downloading your favorite videos, from the content creators you want, is really easy and hassle-free. Next, we explain in detail why SssTikvideo is the ideal tool and how you can get the most out of it, in the blink of an eye.

Compatibility, security and final definition

Let’s start with the basics among the must-have features that a free video downloader should offer. 

The most demanded by regular and occasional users and content creators of TikTok are the possibility of downloading the videos from any device, the affinity of conversion in dynamic formats and the avoidance of quality loss; with watermark removal preferred. 

How to use SssTikvideo?

Media converter apps and social media video downloaders are often cumbersome and confusing. It is a price to pay for them to work properly, fulfilling all their tasks.

Although the above does not apply on this occasion. SssTikvideo online tool and SssTikTok downloader is saved from the bad name. It is very easy to enter the web and start saving your videos without watermarks. 

We show it to you in great detail, according to the platforms most used by TikTok users:

  • Personal computers.
  • Android mobile devices.
  • Mobile devices from Apple Inc.


To download videos from operating systems like Microsoft Windows, macOS, GNU-Linux or Chrome OS, please do as follows.

  1. Copy the link of the video to download from the button with the arrow.
  2. Go to the downloader’s website and paste the link where it indicates.

3. Press the blue button and wait for the progress bar to load.

4. Finally, click the button to download.


Smartphones, tablets and other similar mobile devices running Android software are also supported. Meanwhile, the steps are not complex at all.

  1. Locate the publication that contains the video to save, (from the application or the web).
  2. Look for the copy link option from the share dropdown menu. 
  3. Upon obtaining the URL, head over to SnapTiKTok from your preferred web browser.

4. Paste the URL in the central box and press download.

5. Conclude by pressing download again.


iOS device users will be relieved; the process to download videos maintains its characteristic essence, since it is really simple. 

  1. Right after you find the video you want to store, copy its link.
  2. Use a web browser, like Safari, for example, and go to the downloader.

3. On your home page; long press on the text bar and paste the link.

4. You can continue by clicking the blue download button, after the bar loads.

Don’t know which downloader to choose?

Even when it is not listed as an urgent decision; we do recommend that you analyze your options well, with as much time as necessary.

Ensuring that the tool with which you will download files is reliable, in terms of privacy and usefulness, is important for your well-being. Although it may seem exaggerated.

To make the decision easier, we have investigated three TikTok content downloaders; the most relevant today. The following tools share features like they don’t cost any money and they are accessible online.


This multifunctional video downloader has a worldwide presence; standing out for the robustness of its service and because it removes watermarks, adapts formats immediately, supports infinite downloads and can be used by all types of users.

In addition, it offers a set of specialized applications on the same website. As is the case with the SssTikTok downloader, specialized in saving high-definition videos.


The veteran Savefrom could not be left out of a list of the best applications to download TikTok videos. As with its predecessors, you can remove those annoying watermarks from the files to be downloaded and it adopts the MP4 standard for its videos, among other features. Without forgetting that its software is adapted for other social networks.


Talking about Snaptik is mandatory, since it has earned its place in the Tiktokera community. Their services consist of locating the videos, from the official TikTok servers, and granting the opportunity to download them.

All in all, saving popular music trends, news, entertainment and more is fast from your website.

You already know it, take advantage of the top online tools for TikTok videos and get access to thousands of publications offline. SssTikvideo you will love it.

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