RainStick: The Shower That Reuses Water Up To Six Times Before Discarding It

RainStick Shower is the latest smart shower with WiFi technology that offers almost double the flow rate of a traditional shower and saves 80% of water and energy. The company behind the new smart shower uses proprietary water circulation technology that recovers water and energy that is normally wasted.

The technology recycles the water while the person is in the shower. The water is reused after removing hair, soap, dirt and other impurities.

Unlike a traditional shower, which lets the water flow down the drain, the RainStick Shower collects, recirculates and reuses the water up to six times before it is finally released down the drain. It uses a three-stage process that treats the water while removing viruses and bacteria.

RainStick water goes through a three-stage process that removes hair and larger debris and even kills bacteria and viruses. All of this happens in real time, which means users won’t experience any lag while taking a shower.

The volume of water and the amount of energy each household using the RainStick Shower will save depends on several factors. Among them, the shower habit of the home, the location, the way to heat the water and the amount paid for water and electricity.

An online calculator is available on the product’s official website to help consumers estimate their annual savings.

In addition, the RainStick shower comes with a smart controller that monitors water and system usage in real time.

RainStick Shower offers an efficient rain shower experience that cleans hair and removes shampoo while reducing the volume of water usage. Although it offers 80% water savings, it provides almost double the flow rate (3 GPM) of a conventional shower (1.8 GPM).

This smart shower also allows users to enjoy a warm and comfortable shower experience with different temperature options.

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RainStick Shower has been presented at CES 2022.

More information: www.rainstickshower.com

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