In London, UPS Delivers Your Packages On New Bikes With Electric Trailers

UPS delivers your packages on new bikes with electric trailers

The well-known express delivery company is testing a new delivery service in London using electric bikes and trailers.

Courier company UPS is testing a new zero-impact solution for parcel delivery in central London from early November. The last mile, the section between the warehouse and the recipient of the package. Deliveries are made on board a traditional bicycle, to which an electric motor trailer is connected.

With this system (which in practice is very similar to an e-bike) the cyclist does not feel the weight of the trailer or the load it carries, which can reach up to 200 kg, capable of easily reaching all its destinations in the Central London. It remains an experiment, carried out under the Low Impact City Logistics project, which includes, in addition to UPS, Fernhay, Skotkonung, the University of Huddersfield and Outspoken Delivery.

“Low Impact City Logistics is a collaborative project that could revolutionize the way we deliver packages in our cities,” explains Peter Harris, Director of Sustainability at UPS. “UPS has a long history of developing and promoting the sustainable use of technology and delivery methods, and this collaboration will facilitate a unique urban delivery solution.”

The trailer is of course zero emission as it is powered by an electric motor controlled by a lever on the bike’s handlebars. It is equipped with a battery. We said this is an experiment, but it’s not the first for UPS that has already experimented with similar solutions in other parts of the United States.

For example, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where UPS has been testing package delivery aboard a strange electric tricycle since August of this year. In practice, a three-wheeled e-bike, a more spacious but more complicated solution than the bike with an electric trailer being tested in London.

In addition to these experiments, solutions already exist in some cities where UPS delivers with bicycles with traditional non-electrified trailers. The latter are mainly used for the delivery of light parcels in areas where, due to traffic restrictions, motorized vehicles cannot travel.

It is likely that, if the London experiment is successful and delivery costs do not rise too much, other cities around the world will also be able to drive these UPS bikes with an electric trailer.

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