How To Make A Desktop Organizer By Recycling Cardboard

How to make a desk organizer out of recycled cardboard

Do you always have a messy desk? Do you think you need to start organizing it? Today we have a great idea,  a DIY with cardboard. A kind of mixed bag made of cardboard sheets. It is a simple and quick project, it is also very useful.


-25 cardboard pieces of 25 cm x 25 cm (if you want it bigger, choose the size yourself).
-A pencil -White glue
-Glue brush -Cutex 

Step by Step.

  • Measure the template: Using the ruler and a pencil, measure the edges on the cardboard. Leave a wide edge to ensure enough space for the sturdiness of the finished piece. Next, you have to measure each compartment you want to make in the organizer. You can measure some items that you use frequently and make the compartments accordingly.
  • Create template : Once you have everything measured, use a cutex to cut out each compartment to create a template. This template will also serve as one of the top layers, so save it. Don’t worry about the written “template” mark, as it is between other layers of cardboard. Make the rest of the pieces using the template: you can cut 20 sheets of cardboard, like this.
  • Glue the pieces : First glue 5 pieces of cardboard together to create the background. Then glue another 5 pieces making a large cutout at the top of the base. To stick a thin layer of glue onto the cardstock, smooth it out with a brush if you want/have/need, and glue the cards together, making sure the sides line up on each layer as you go.
  • Keep the structure glued : Next, take the 10 pieces that have the two cutouts and glue them to the right on top of the cardboard stack. Once again, making sure the parts match up.
  • Finish gluing: Take the last 5 pieces with the three cuts and glue them on the stack. When you’re done, press firmly and let dry. Helpful Hint: Put a heavy book on top of the stack to make sure all the corners stick together.
  • Let dry: Let the cardboard dry overnight. Once dry, your organizer is ready to use!

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