How To Fight Your Varicose Veins Naturally

How to fight your varicose veins naturally

Varicose veins, a very frequent pathology in women, in fact they occur up to five times more than in men, occur during the abnormal accumulation of blood in the superficial veins. It usually occurs in the region of the legs and denotes weakness in the walls and valves of the superficial veins.

Also known as chronic venous insufficiency, it is characterized by a dilation of the veins that can occur when a person stands too long. In these cases, the veins fail in their mission to return blood to the heart, thus causing complications such as edema, swelling or in more severe cases, ulcers or phlebitis.

Another cause may be more specifically thrombophlebitis or pregnancy. In this first, it is due to clots that hinder circulation and can be caused by spending long periods in bed.

And for pregnant women they can also appear but usually disappear a couple of weeks after delivery.

Specialists consider that between 10% and 15% of the population suffer from varicose veins.

Symptoms of varicose veins.

Leaving aside the obvious unsightly consequence on the legs, some symptoms such as heaviness and fatigue of these extremities can also occur as a result of spending a lot of time standing.

The pain is common but its intensity can vary depending on the severity of the condition. It can occur locally in the ankles or calves; Cramps are also a normal consequence of varicose veins.

Tingling, burning or heat can in turn be the result of chronic venous insufficiency along with significant swelling. The color of the skin can also be affected, with spots appearing in the region.

In the most severe cases, very painful ulcers can occur with prolonged treatment. They can be caused by scratching weakened skin or spontaneously.

Natural treatment for varicose veins.

Fortunately, this condition can be treated at home using some natural methods that have proven effective over time.

We can start by talking about Aloe Vera, which has proven popular in the treatment of varicose veins. Generally, a crystal of aloe is taken, which is then heated a little to later apply it in the form of compresses in the affected area.

Garlic is an excellent food when it comes to deflating the veins and improving circulation. It is advisable to make sure to include it frequently in your diet, it is essential.

In low doses, the arnica plant is also used to treat varicose veins.

Another method to relieve the discomfort of varicose veins is to put your legs in an elevated position for about 20 minutes. This is more of an immediate measure to relieve pain but not to end the condition. Practice it when you get home.

Continuing in the natural wave, vinegar, carrot and apple have properties that can help you reduce the suffering of varicose veins. Generally, you can grind apple cider vinegar, carrot, and aloe vera into a cream, apply it to the affected region, and let it work.

Finally, the most logical “treatment” is exercise and sports. Among the most beneficial we have swimming, cycling or spinning, yoga, among others. What we do not recommend doing are those such as racket sports (tennis, etc.), basketball, volleyball, soccer, etc.

Remember to go to your doctor preferably if you have doubts and require more details.

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