Free Online Solar Panel Installer Course

Free online solar panel installer course.

A free online course to develop the first basic skills to learn how to install solar panels.

Develop the ability to install solar panels. The solar panel installer is a professional with sufficient preparation to implement solar energy in rural and urban environments.

With this course you will have the opportunity to learn to:

  • How solar energy is transformed into electrical energy.
  • Concepts of electricity and the components of the solar panel system.
  • Geographical considerations for a correct orientation to obtain the maximum performance of the solar panels.
  • Use of the multimeter.
  • Work process.
  • Communication with the customer.
  • Electric lift. Inspects the elements connected to the electrical installation by performing an electrical survey.
  • Selection of suitable technology and calculation for the design.
  • Design and presentation of the solution to the client.
  • Installation budget.
  • Schedule of activities. Meets the goals of the facility.
  • Preparation of the structure.
  • Autonomous installation.
  • Domestic solar system batteries.
  • Review of electrical characteristics.
  • grounding electrode.
  • Type of electrical service.
  • System delivery.
  • Customer loyalty.
  • Evaluation of your services.
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Wind-photovoltaic hybrid system.
  • Solar thermal installation.

You can follow it through youtube:

Part 1.

youtube videos

Part 2.

youtube videos

Part 3.

youtube videos

part 4

youtube videos

part 5

youtube videos

part 6

youtube videos

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