Europe’s Largest Living Wall “will Absorb Eight Tons Of Pollution Per Year”

Sheppard Robson has unveiled Citicape House in London, Europe’s “largest living wall ” to help improve air quality in the city.

Citicape House will be enveloped by a façade made up of 400,000 plants that are expected to ” capture more than eight tons of carbon and produce six tons of oxygen ” a year.

The building will be located on the UK capital’s Culture Mile, a busy area between Farringdon and Moorgate in the City of London.

It has been designed by London studio Sheppard Robson to replace an existing office building on the corner of Holborn Viaduct, and demonstrate how architecture can tackle issues such as climate change and air pollution.

At such an important site, there was a real effort to inject new perspectives on how to deal with some of London’s most pressing environmental issues, including air quality and noise and dust pollution.

Dan Burr, associate of Sheppard Robson.

Instead of having an isolated green zone, we felt that an immersive and integrated approach would have the greatest impact on local environmental conditions, making a better and more liveable city, as well as articulating a clear architectural statement.

Dan Burr, associate of Sheppard Robson.

Once completed, this 11-story building will house a five-star hotel, plus a mix of offices, co-working and event spaces, a sky bar, a spa and a ground-level restaurant.

Its size and shape is due to a pre-war building that previously occupied the corner.

However, unlike the original building, the ground floor will be set back from the edge of the street to allow connection to a small plaza in front.

Enveloped by the living wall, it will also incorporate rooftop gardens with threatened native wildflowers to help them flourish.

The building will be as sustainable as possible, featuring efficient glazing to minimize heat gain in the building, which will be combined with renewable energy sources including heat pumps.

It will also incorporate rainwater harvesting to irrigate the green wall and reduce pressure on existing infrastructure.

Images: Sheppard Robson.

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