The Cove. The Bloody Slaughter Of Dolphins In Japan


“The Cove” visually depicts the capture and use of defines in Japan, after their bloody slaughter. Activists show us very harsh images of the hunt in the Taiji National Park, Wakayama, which undoubtedly represent a shame for our society, but which want to be a tool to raise awareness about …

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How To Make A Homemade Steamboat

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In this tutorial we are going to teach you how to make a “ pop pop boat ” or steamboat with a homemade engine. A simple project where we will use recycled material. A very curious project to do with the smallest of the house. Homemade steamboat materials. For this …

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New Robotic Home Assembly System To Automate The Construction Of Custom Prefabricated Houses

Automated Architecture Ltd. introduced its robotic assembly system for home and prefab construction during the 2021 Global Investment Summit (GIS). Incorporating green technology into architectural construction methods, Bristol and London-based technology and design firm Automated Architecture Ltd. (AUAR) has introduced its new robotic assembly system for prefabricated homes. AUAR is …

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Free Online Solar Panel Installer Course

A free online course to develop the first basic skills to learn how to install solar panels. Develop the ability to install solar panels. The solar panel installer is a professional with sufficient preparation to implement solar energy in rural and urban environments. With this course you will have the …

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