Hippo Roller, Device That Provides Access To Clean Water

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The Hippo Water Roller Project began in 1994 with the aim of facilitating the transport of water in difficult areas. The invention especially helps vulnerable people living in rural areas of Africa. For many people in Africa, the search for water has become an arduous task that can take up …

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What Is An Electrolyser And What Is It For?: Key Piece In The Production Of Hydrogen

Hydrogen fuel cells. Electrolyzer advantages. Types of electrolyzers. alkaline electrolyser. Polymeric membrane electrolyser. Solid state electrolyser. Anion exchange membrane electrolyzer. Electrolyser efficiency. Opportunities for electrolysis. How electrolyzers for hydrogen production are marketed. Hydrogen fuel cells. Hydrogen in the ecological transition. Image: Scharfsinn – Depositphotos. Electrolyzers use electricity to break down …

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Properties, Benefits And Uses Of Cocoa

Properties, benefits and uses of cocoa

What is cocoa? Cocoa Properties Main uses of cocoa in feeding  in natural medicine  In cosmetology and beauty treatments in sexual performance  Best way to consume cocoa Cocoa benefits Cocoa is a fruit known worldwide for being the main ingredient of chocolate. However, this fruit is not only useful at …

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Future Meats Cuts The Cost Of Lab-grown Chicken To $1.70 A Breast

The world of cultured meat is experiencing a lot of activity, reducing costs every day. Israeli startup Future Meats, which has just received the largest investment in cultured meat history, is making its way into the industry and rapidly lowering the production costs of its lab-grown chicken. Future Meats is …

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Italy Prohibits The Entry Of Large Cruise Ships In Venice

Image: boggy22 – Depositphotos. The restriction will come into force in early August, the Italian government has confirmed. Activists claim that ocean liners damage Venice’s ecosystem. The Italian government announced on Tuesday that large cruise ships will be banned from entering the Venice lagoon from August 1. This move comes …

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How To Fight Your Varicose Veins Naturally

How to fight your varicose veins naturally

Varicose veins, a very frequent pathology in women, in fact they occur up to five times more than in men, occur during the abnormal accumulation of blood in the superficial veins. It usually occurs in the region of the legs and denotes weakness in the walls and valves of the …

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This Is What The Sky Would Be Like Without Light Pollution

This would be the sky without light pollution-1

Photographers Harun Mehmedinovic and Gavin Heffernan are the authors of the Skyglow project, in collaboration with the International Dark Sky Association. The main objective of this project is to show us what the Los Angeles sky would be like without the current light pollution. The result is surprising and spectacular!!! …

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