25 Alternatives To Contract Renewable Energy In Spain

Alternatives to contract renewable energy in Spain

We want to share the different possibilities that exist in the Spanish market for contracting 100% renewable energy rates, the marketers and the different options that we can find in the market. In the market we can also find it marketed as clean or green energy.

For any company that is starting to sell energy, or for companies that are already operating, we recommend the online tool with basic functionalities to start commercial management in the electricity sector Cloud Energy.

Regardless of the regulation that the government makes of the sector, we consumers can have great power to change the rules. And it is that by the simple fact of contracting and consuming electricity from renewable sources, we will be able to demand the market to produce it, to the detriment of the most polluting energies. Your decision will promote renewable energy projects at the national level, and also at the local level.

It is actually quite simple, a decision that is within your reach, and that will not have any decrease in the service that you usually receive. Renewable energy marketers in Spain are as reliable as the multinational that bills the most, on this issue. From the comfort of your home, and without paying another euro for electricity, you can join the fight for clean energy and put a stop to the much-feared climate change. Clean or green energy has the same price as the most polluting energy.

The change of marketer is as simple as if you changed your mobile company, zero inconvenience.

But what is 100% renewable electricity?

100% renewable electricity is that which is generated from renewable sources, with a very low environmental impact, that is, wind or solar energy, to name the best known. Renewable energy generation technologies have zero or very low emissions of polluting gases.

Since we know what renewable electricity is, now some will think that we cannot distinguish or know if the electricity that reaches our house is renewable or non-renewable. And this is partly true, but not entirely. To certify that the electricity we consume at home is clean, there is a system in Spain called “Guarantees of Origin (GdOs)”. A system that is managed directly by the National Competition Markets Commission and that certifies, without a doubt, that the electricity we contract and consume is 100% renewable.

The more people request renewable electricity, the more producers there will have to be behind generating that energy. A way of making politicians see that society wants renewable energies.

Renewable energy marketers in Spain.

We are going to find reference marketing companies on the one hand, and cooperatives that sell renewable energy on the other. Be it one or the other, the hiring will not vary too much, beyond the fact that in cooperatives you will have to become a member first.

We will update as we discover new 100% renewable energy marketers:

Gain Energy.

Gana Energía was born as an independent marketing company that aims to offer a real alternative to the oligopoly of the large electricity companies in Spain. 100% of the energy they buy for their customers is from renewable sources.

Aura energy.

Aura Energía is an electricity marketer based in Sant Joan Despí, Barcelona), which was founded in 2011. Aura Energía is controlled by Vopi 4, a construction company with extensive experience as a contractor for the Public Administration.


Econactiva is a green energy electric cooperative formed by three types of partners: Users, who use green energy in their homes or small businesses. Professionals, who offer their services to advise and improve the consumption of green energy to all members of the cooperative. Producers of renewable energy that offer their generating plants of green energy connected to the network for the consumption of the members of the Cooperative. Gustavo Rioja is the founder and coordinator of Econactiva.


Ecovatios is an electricity marketer focused on companies whose energy comes 100% from renewable sources. They manage self-consumption projects.

A trading company accredited by Red Eléctrica de España and by the Spanish Electricity Market Operator to operate in the Spanish peninsular electricity market.

Additionally, and for customers who so wish, they offer the European EKOenergy seal, which guarantees that part of their billing goes to renewable energy projects in developing countries.

Egreen Nabalia Energy.

Nabalia Energía is an electricity marketer that operates nationwide and directly manages the purchase of electricity or gas for its customers in the wholesale or cogeneration markets through any type of renewable source.

Enara Energy.

It operates as a marketer in the Spanish electricity market, offering electricity supply from renewable energy sources.

In 2010, the GNERA Group, a group of companies with extensive experience in the renewable energy sector at an international level, created this marketer.

At ENARA they measure energy consumption in litres, so that it is easy for you to understand and compare. One liter of energy is equivalent to the energy contained in one liter of fuel, that is, 10kWh.

Energy Coop.

EnergÉtica emerged (then still without a name) in May 2014, when the fate of fate brought together a group of people who had had this idea in their heads for some time. Following the example of Som Energia, Goiener or the energy cooperatives of Central Europe and after a few months of research, in the autumn of that same year they got down to work to give shape to the project. Now the cooperative is up and running and, after giving itself a name, image and statutes, several work groups analyze the different management areas of the company in order to offer electricity and energy services to its members.

Plus energy.

Energía Plus is a company with 100% Spanish capital that was created in 2011, from the knowledge of the opportunities offered by the liberalization of the energy market for industrial consumers, and which has had an astronomical progression: in 2012, its first full financial year, invoiced 1,042,000 euros; in 2013, it rose to 5.7 million; in 2014 it reached 44.2 million euros. In 2015, the electricity marketer concluded the year with a turnover of 61 million euros, which represents an increase of 38% in its business volume. Four years of continuous growth that have allowed it to position itself among the top 15 marketers in the Iberian market (first in the Andalusian ranking).

Light sphere.

An electricity company with 100% solar electricity. Light sphere belongs to the Nexus Energy Group. It is one of the largest new generation marketers with more than 15 years of experience in the sector.

Nexus Energía provides electricity and natural gas services and represents renewable energy producers.

Energy factor.

The marketer Factor Energía obtained permission from the Ministry of Industry to form part of the Spanish electricity system, following the Liberalization Law of the Electricity Sector, thus becoming one of the first energy groups in 1999.

The company traditionally geared its services towards professional consumers, but has now included home users as well.

Phoenix Energy.

Fenie Energía SA is a company committed to sustainable development. It is the first energy marketer owned by installers.


Marketer of electricity of 100% renewable origin founded in 2005. They also carry out market representation activity for electricity producers with renewable energy sources.

They offer service to individuals, companies, electric vehicles and producers of renewables.


Goiener is a non-profit cooperative based in Ordizia (Gipuzkoa) created for the generation and consumption of renewable energy with more than 6,000 members.

John Energy.

JUAN ENERGY is the only energy marketer in Spain that  reverts 100% of its profits to social causes, giving its customers the opportunity to contribute to the construction of a fairer, more inclusive society, where there are opportunities for all people.

Hello, Luz.

Holaluz was founded by Carlota Pi, Ferrán Nogué and Oriol Vila in 2010, its objective was and is to be an alternative to the greats of the Spanish electricity sector. Exceeds 100 million turnover. It has more than 100 employees.

The current.

La Corriente  is a cooperative of electricity consumers in the Community of Madrid. A cooperative that buys electricity wholesale and distributes it among its members. With this they seek a fairer and more realistic price for all, and also promote a more direct and participatory management than that offered by the large electricity companies.


Lucera is a young and independent company. They began their journey in 2014 with the firm conviction that they could change the current and obsolete electric model for a new one that would be beneficial for all.

Lucera charges you €3.9/month, whatever you consume. A fixed and transparent margin that allows us to forget about the benefits linked to consumption and focus on reducing your bill.

Nose energy.

Nosa Enerxía was born as the first Galician cooperative whose purpose is the commercialization of electrical energy of certified renewable origin.

Nosa Enerxía is a cooperative of consumers and users, and therefore, it is an entity where the partners organize themselves to consume the products and services they want, under the conditions determined by them.

The objective of Nosa Enerxía is the commercialization of renewable energy to all members of the cooperative, providing a quality service at a fair price.

The cooperative is articulated as a non-profit organization, that is to say, that all those profits or surpluses that the cooperative obtains for its activity, are not distributed among its members, but are reinvested in the cooperative, in the community or in what the assembly of partners decides.


An energy marketer owned 50% by Nexus Energía y Energía by NER, a Ner Group company. A green energy marketer for Euskadi and Navarra.


Its solutions are based on technologies such as photovoltaic solar energy, energy storage systems and EMS (Energy Management Systems).

Pepe Energy.

PepePhone began its journey in the telephony market in 2007, offering cheap telephony and Internet rates. After this first success, they expanded into the car rental market with PepeCar.

Now they have launched PepeEnergy, where they want to offer an affordable electricity rate. They only sell 100% green energy from renewable sources.

I can.

The creators of Podo are Eugenio Galdón, Founder and President of ONO for 17 years, and Juan Béjar and Joaquín Coronado, who were also part of the team. Podo takes advantage of user consumption data to be able to offer customized and instant rates. What you are looking for is that contracting and controlling our consumption and understanding our bill is something simple and intuitive.


A Valencian electrical cooperative for the commercialization of renewable electrical energy. SENEO’s framework of action is Ontinyent and the Vall d’Albaida.

I am Energy.

The Som Energia cooperative was created in 2010 by the Dutch professor at the University of Girona Gijsbert Huijink. It is the first energy cooperative in Spain, and one of the fastest growing in Europe.

They manage more than 30,000 contracts, 58% in Catalonia and the other 42% in the rest of Spain.

Since its foundation, similar energy cooperatives have sprung up throughout Spain.


SOLABRIA Renovables is the commercial brand of the Enerplus SC cooperative, created in 2013 as the first renewable energy cooperative in Cantabria, with the aim of changing the current energy model for a more democratic, social, distributed and sustainable one. A non-profit cooperative.


Syder 2005 SL began its journey in Zaragoza in 2005 as a company specialized in engineering and development of renewable energies. In 2010, with the experience gained and the fruit of the definitive liberalization process of the electricity market, the company entered a new stage in which it diversified its activity through Syder Comercializadora Verde SL, defining and developing a new line of business around the commercialization of 100% renewable electricity.


UniEléctrica is an independent company with 100% Spanish capital, which operates in the liberalized markets of generation and commercialization of electricity, dynamic and accessible, with a team at your service experienced in the electricity sector.


Zencer  is a pioneer in the Andalusian field, being the first Andalusian Cooperative of Consumers and Users of Special Supplies dedicated to the commercialization of energies. With technical solvency and customer and associate oriented, it offers a quality service, thus breaking the strategy of monopolistic companies. With an ecological vocation and respect for the environment, they want to contribute to the responsible and clean consumption of our energies, providing a better quality of life for our fellow citizens.

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